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Leather jackets are seen as a foreign expensive fashion essential. They provide an incredibly stylish look, along with they’re a really functional piece for wardrobe.

Real leather is expensive due to the entire tanning process that begins with finding the correct animal product material and turning it into good quality wearable leather. Also, premium quality leather jackets are handcrafted, which explains the value.

However, one thing which will never leave style could be a leather jacket. Just a leather jacket can possibly make a person look rough, polished and extend their internal character. Another purpose of this can be that it should be worn wherever, anywhere and maybe merged up with anything and it’ll quickly make your entire outfit look better. At Tailwind we want to make leather articles part of your daily attire. 

Leather is that the biggest trend of the winter because it’s super versatile and there are heaps of alternative ways to wear it. The most well-liked trend of the season that each one of the celebs is loving is leather & everyone from Selena Gomez to Kim Kardashian has rocked an all-black leather outfit!

Although, you can’t remember the number of times you’ve got seen movie stars in leather jackets.

Trends and fashion are central claims to enjoy the art of living and Celebrities are those who build these style statements for everyone. They play a crucial role in creating fashion trends and you’ll have also seen them wearing cool outfits like leather jackets.


We have mentioned only few from an extensive list of celebrities that made leather apparel industry what it is today.

Bradley Cooper

Another way to show off the style outdoor. Bradley Cooper, the nominated actor for his best performance from the American Sniper and the recent, A Star is Born is never seen without his signature jacket. He’s known for switching things but on red carpets, he always chooses to stay formal.


Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is an iconic celebrity. She looks extremely fabulous every time she dons head-to-toe fashion. What adds a bonus point is the fancy asymmetrical jacket combined with black retro sunglasses and white tee.


Justin Theroux

Few people started the trend of leather jackets and Justin Theroux is one of them. Known to wear rustic distressed jackets.


Ryan Rosling

Tom Cruise could get envious if I start discussing about Ryan Gosling who took fashion to the whole new level in Blade Runner 2049. He wore a leather coat in the movie which features fur lining, snap-tab buttons, and wide lapel. The style went viral, and fans started to replicate the look during Halloween and in their daily life.


Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise became an outstanding celebrity at the age of 19, and still, one of the best actors ever step foot in Hollywood. What took him to the height was his first leather jacket from Top Gun which still sells like hotcakes.


There is an extensive list of celebrities that navigate leather trends. If you love a look that someone else wore feel free to send us an email with the details and we will find you the closest match.