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Tailwind Apparel took flight during COVID.. We wanted to combine exceptional quality products that can be passed on through generations with something that we are very passionate about AVIATION & COMMUNITY.

Our Products

We are proudly a Canadian company based out of Vancouver BC. 

Just like the complex details & beauty of a Boeing 747, our products are made with attention to details on design and look. We use quality material from around the world to deliver something that will last a longtime & is made for everyone.

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Bringing People Closer

Along with producing high quality leather Clothing & Accessories we want to bring people together with creating new opportunities.

We believe in doing our part to support the people and organizations we admire. Our goal from the beginning was to create a platform where we can build something bigger in the aviation community. Percentage from every purchase is used to organize events for flight therapy along with hanger galas for fundraisers.

Partnering with Make A Wish Foundation to provide wishes for kids with critical illness along with a scholarship with BCAC for adults who need support to pursue their passion in aviation.

With every purchase we are able to move forward with our goal to help more students with scholarships and grant wishes.

Pre-Order Departure Date

We craft our new and highly demanded products in small batches. Therefore, pre-ordering your exquisitely crafted Tailwind Apparel piece will not only save you money, but it also allows our craftsman to work more seamlessly, thus retaining the high level of quality you have grown to expect. Once we complete your piece to our satisfaction, we will ship it to you by the estimated departure date. This way, our planet takes on less waste, and everybody wins! The estimate is 20 Business days from your order being accepted.

Our ecological approach to production translates to limitations of how many products we can produce every month. Therefore, we can only scale so fast without compromising the quality of our products. For this reason, we schedule our production and release pieces on our website for pre-order with an estimated dispatch timeframe.

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